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Soliris is a complement inhibitor indicated for:
  • The treatment of patients with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH) to reduce hemolysis (1.1).
  • The treatment of patients with atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS) to inhibit complement-mediated thrombotic microangiopathy (1.2).
Limitation of Use
Soliris is not indicated for the treatment of patients with Shiga toxin E. coli related hemolytic uremic syndrome (STEC-HUS).
  • The treatment of adult patients with generalized Myasthenia Gravis (gMG) who are anti-acetylcholine receptor (AchR) antibody positive (1.3).

Product Options

Package Size NDC Presentation
300mg/ml 25682-0001-01 Vial

Shelf Life & Storage

Store Soliris vials in the original carton until time of use under refrigerated conditions at 2-8° C (36-46o F) and protected from light. Soliris vials may be held in the original carton at controlled room temperature (not more than 25° C/77° F) for only a single period up to 3 days. Do not use beyond the expiration date stamped on the carton. Refer to Dosage and Administration (2) for information on the stability and storage of diluted solutions of Soliris. DO NOT FREEZE. DO NOT SHAKE.


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