Formula & Concentration

(Immune Globulin Subcutaneous (Human) – hipp),16.5% solution




CUTAQUIG (Immune Globulin Subcutaneous (Human) – hipp) is a 16.5% immune globulin solution for subcutaneous infusion indicated for treatment of primary humoral immunodeficiency (PI) in adults.

Product Options

Package Size NDC Presentation
1 Gram 00069-1061-02 Vial
2 Gram 00069-1476-02 Vial
4 Gram 00069-1509-02 Vial
8 Gram 00069-1965-02 Vial

Shelf Life & Storage

Store at +2°C to +8°C (36°F to 46°F) for up to 24 months from the date of manufacture.

Within its shelf-life, the product may be stored at room temperature up to +25°C (77°F) for up to 6 months without being refrigerated again during this period, and must be discarded if not used after this.

Keep the vial in the outer carton to protect it from light.

Check the product expiration date on the vial label. Do not use beyond the expiration date.

Do not freeze. Do not use frozen product.


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