Formula & Concentration

Antihemophilic Factor (Human)




Koāte-DVI is indicated for the treatment of classical hemophilia (hemophilia A) in which there is a demonstrated deficiency of activity of the plasma clotting factor, Factor VIII. Koāte-DVI provides a means of temporarily replacing the missing clotting factor in order to control or prevent bleeding episodes, or in order to perform emergency and elective surgery on individuals with hemophilia.

Koāte-DVI contains naturally occurring von Willebrand factor, which is co-purified as part of the manufacturing process. Koāte-DVI has not been investigated for efficacy in the treatment of von Willebrand disease, and hence is not approved for such usage.

Product Options

Package Size NDC Presentation
250 IU 76125-0256-20 Vial
500 IU 76125-0668-30 Vial
1000 IU 76125-0676-50 Vial

Shelf Life & Storage

Koāte-DVI should be stored under refrigeration (2–8°C; 36–46°F). Storage of lyophilized powder at room temperature (up to 25°C or 77°F) for 6 months, such as in home treatment situations, may be done without loss of Factor VIII activity. Freezing should be avoided as breakage of the diluent bottle might occur.


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