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SHOCK – Albumin is indicated in the emergency treatment of shock and in other similar conditions where the restoration of blood volume is urgent. If there has been considerable loss of red blood cells, transfusion with packed red blood cells is indicated.
BURNS – Albumin or Albumin in either normal saline or dextrose is indicated to prevent marked hemoconcentration and to maintain appropriate electrolyte balance.
HYPOPROTEINEMIA with or without edema – Albumin is indicated in those clinical situations usually associated with a low concentration of plasma protein and a resulting decreased circulating blood volume. Although diuresis may occur soon after albumin administration has been instituted, best results are obtained if albumin is continued until the normal serum protein level is regained.

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25% 50 mL 68982-0643-01 Vial
25% 100 mL 68982-0643-02 Vial
5% 250 mL 68982-0623-02 Vial
5% 500 mL 68982-0623-03 Vial
20% 100 mL 68982-0633-02 Vial

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